Congratulations Dr Robert Zura, Principal Investigator for the FLOW study at Duke University

Robert ZuraAt 411 pm Pacific time on 10/08/2015, the New England Journal of Medicine released the results of the FLOW study. (Best method to treat open fractures) The release was done simultaneous with the symposium presentation at the OTA Annual meeting.

Dr Zura and his Research Coordinator, Maria Manson, have been working on this research protocol for the past 6 years. Forty-one institutions collaborated to the success of this multicenter study with a total of 2551 patient randomized.

You can read the article:

This study would not have been possible without the support of many Duke University Medical Center Orthopaedic Surgeons –
Steven Olson, Robert Zura, Rachel Reilly, Prerana Patel, Claude T Moorman, Fraser Leversedge, Chard Harbour, Brian Brigman, David Ruch, Nikoletta Leontaritis, Michael Bolognesi, Shalini Ramasunder, Alison Toth, Allen Diane, Grant Garrigues, Dean Taylor, Richard C. Mather III, Kristoff Reid, Robert Lark, Samuel Adams.

Protocol and Collaborators

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