Eastern Orthopaedic Association Winners

Maui, Hawaii– During the 46th annual Eastern Orthopaedic Association meeting several Residents from Duke Orthopaedics were awarded grants and honours from the Association.  Easter Orthopaedics meets annually to promote new ideas, and share in ways to advance the science of Orthopaedics and Duke stood out this year in the awards, the list of winners along with the amount the recipient received  is below.


Resident Awards – $2500.00

CT Accuracy Of Percutaneous Versus Open Pedicle Screw Techniques

Daniel J. Blizzard, MD, MS

Resident Travel Grant Awards$1000.00

Massive Rotator Cuff Tears Repaired With Interposition Porcine Xenograft

Julie A. Neumann, MD

EOA/EOEF Resident/Fellow Travel Grant Awards$1000.00

Comparison Between Hard-On-Hard And Hard-On-Soft Hip Bearings In Medicare Population

Lindsay T. Kleeman, MD

Presented by Abiram Bala, BA

Novel Intraoperative Laser Ablation System for Treatment of Residual Sarcoma

Alexander L. Lazarides, BSc


Early Outcomes Following Total Hip Arthroplasty In Sickle Cell Hemoglobinopathy

Daniel S. Mangiapani, MD

Ultrasound-Guided Cubital Tunnel Injection: Technique And Accuracy In Cadaver Model

Brian T. Nickel, MD

Presented by Daniel J. Blizzard, MD, MS

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