Associate Chair for Research Announced

Steven Olson

Dr. Olson

Durham, N.C– We are delighted to announce that Steve Olson has been appointed the department’s inaugural Associate Chair for Research.  In this role, Steve will oversee the implementation of departmental research policies. This role will incorporate many of his current activities such as chairing our departmental seed grant competition and overseeing CRU policies.  He will also act as our interface with the research admin staff we’ve contracted from the department of surgery.

Steve heads our hip preservation service and has a very productive research program in preventing osteoarthritis after intra-articular fractures. He lead the team that received this year’s Kappa Delta award for his research at the ORS and AAOS meetings.

Steve Olson spends most of his non-working hours as a father and husband – and he and Diane are about to join the ranks of empty nester’s this fall.  He enjoys golf though his enthusiasm for the sport is not matched by his handicap.   He enjoys preparing (and eating) Missouri style barbecued pork.

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