3D Printing Saves Woman from Amputation

Dr. Samuel Adams

Dr. Samuel Adams

Durham, N.C– Dr. Samuel Adams of Duke Orthopaedics helped to combine modern technology, extensive medical knowledge, a patients trust  and hope, to save patient Ruth’s leg.  After being involved in a devastating car accident, Ruth was faced with the difficult decision on whether or not to amputate her leg.  But her medical team at Duke, led by Dr. Adams was able to offer her an alternative.  By using 3D printing he saw at a conference, Dr. Adams worked closely for 4 months with suppliers to create a new bone structure for the patient.  With intensive physical therapy, and good spirit from the patient, Ruth was able to make a full recovery instead of having to amputate.

Without the medical team at Duke, and Dr. Adams advance knowledge of technology and medicine, Ruth would have lost her leg, and the ability to maintain a normal life.  But she now can because of Duke Orthopaedics.  The video is connected with a hyperlink in the line below so you can watch the full story.

See this link  for the video.

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