Robin Stone receives the Strength Hope Caring Award

Article submitted by Ray Malaguti:

I am very proud to announce that Robin Stone a radiology technologist at Page Road was awarded the Strength Hope Caring Award yesterday afternoon.  She received her award from Paul Newman, Executive Director of the PDC.  In addition to the award presented 8-April, Robin will be included in a larger display of other Strength, Hope Caring award recipients that are posted throughout the Medical Center.  Robin, along with other recipients will be honored at a Gala in May.

Please join me in congratulating Robin on her award and for providing tremendous customer service.

Robin, thank you for your dedication to our patients and Duke Orthopaedics.

Robin’s nominator wrote “About a month ago, Robin struck up a conversation with one of her patients during an x-ray exam. The patient had a 4:00pm appointment, and traveled by bus from several hours away to get here. Due to the bus schedule, she had to get up at 4:30am to make it on time. Her return bus wouldn’t pick her up until after 8:00pm, and she wouldn’t get home until after 11:00pm. Robin lived about an hour away from the patient’s home. She didn’t want the patient to spend the rest of her day waiting, so she offered to give her a ride home. The patient gladly accepted, and Robin had her home well before her expected arrival. It was an incredibly selfless act, and I think she should be commended for it. It was well beyond the call of duty, and made an enormous positive impact on that patient’s day. I was really proud to be her teammate that day.”

Newman, Stone, Malaguti Award









Left to right: Paul Newman, Robin Stone, and Ray Malaguti

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