AAOS Headline News – Kappa Delta and OREF Awards Presented

Congratulations to Dr. Steve Olson and the Kappa Delta award winners, Farshid Guilak, PhD; Janet Huebner, MS; Bridgette Furman, BS; and Virginia Kraus, MD, PhD., for their research on posttraumatic arthritis (PTA). Dr. Olson and his colleagues were honored with the 2015 Kappa Delta Ann Doner Vaughan Award presented at a ceremony in last week’s AAOS conference in Las Vegas.


Kappa Delta award winners from left to right: Farshid Guilak, PhD; Janet Huebner, MS; Bridgette Furman, BS; Steven A. Olson, MD; and Virginia Kraus, MD, PhD.

Detailed AAOS research article on PTA

The team was also recognized in This Week Orthopaedics (RYY Publications) as the AAOS Award Winning Paper Presented Stunning Conclusion:

Radiographs of experimentally created mouse tibial plateau fracture (left) and clinically observed human tibial plateau fracture (right). Reprinted with permission from Furman BD, Strand J, Hembree WC, Ward BD, Guilak F, Olson SA: Joint degeneration following closed intraarticular fracture in the mouse knee: A model of posttraumatic arthritis. J Orthop Res 2007;25:578–592

This year’s $20,000 Kappa Delta Sorority Award winning paper looked at the problem of post-traumatic arthritis of the knee in a new and novel way and may well have uncovered a remarkable new therapy or approach to preventing arthritis in knee trauma cases.


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