Laurel Kaye selected as one of 100 finalists for the Mars One Mission

Laurel Kaye, an undergraduate student working in Dr. Guilak’s laboratory, has been selected as one of 100 finalists for the Mars One Mission.  The Mars One group is now considering 50 men and 50 women for four spots on its anticipated Red Planet mission, where winners get a one-way ticket to Mars and are expected to start colonizing it. The space startup will film the entire selection process, training and the colonization for earthling viewers.  A list of candidates and their bios is published on the Mars One website.

The soon to be astronauts will go to Mars in 2025 to establish a settlement. If all goes well, Mars One will keep sending groups of four people every two years to grow the colony and sustain life. The trip to Mars would be anywhere between 34,8 milliom milles and 250 million miles, all depending on how distant apart the planets are. It would take the astronauts about 39 days (closest approach) to 289 days (farthest approach).

Laurel Kaye

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