Evolution Magazine features Dr. Selene Parekh #WORLDCLASS MD

Evolution Magazine Cover - Dr. Selene Parekh #WorldClass MDDr. Selene Parekh was recently featured in the Evolution Magazine, #WorldClass Special Edition. Read how obtaining his MBA has impacted his career as a doctor as well as his ideas of ‘thinking outside the box’. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Evolution: How has your MBA impacted your career as a doctor?

Dr. Parekh: It has forced me to start thinking about how long patients are waiting to be seen by me. Getting them into and out of my office as quickly as possible. Making sure we’re delivering care in a way that makes people feel good about what we’re doing. It also makes me think about delivering care that is cost-effective. So when there’s a new device or implant that’s out, but it’s not cost-effective, then I’m not going to be one of the first people to use it.

An MBA also teaches you that you can think outside of the box. When I’m challenged in the operating room or I’m challenged seeing patients in the office, I’m thinking, how can I do this better? As I have ideas, I go to industry and say “Let’s develop this new device, let’s develop this new plate, screws”, whatever it might be. Things that can potentially change the way we take care of particular diseases.

Read more how Dr. Parekh has leveraged information technology and software, such as Google Glass or wearable technologies, in the operating room.


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