Duke Sports Medicine Opens Friday Night Injury Clinic for Local Student Athletes

Moorman Jordan High SchoolBeginning on August 16, Duke Sports Medicine is offering a Friday Night Injury Clinic to better serve the football players from all high schools that are involved in the Sports Medicine Outreach Program. Local student athletes who aren’t a part of the outreach program’s identified schools are also encouraged visit the clinic for treatment.

The injury clinic’s goal is to provide a convenient way for parents and athletes to quickly see a sports medicine physician and potentially eliminate the need to interrupt their school/sports schedule the following week.

Football players that are injured in their Friday night game can come to the clinic the same night to be evaluated by Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians and Orthopedic Surgeons. Our physicians and PT/ATCs on the sidelines of these football games help determine whether a player needs to come to the injury clinic or if they can wait to see their PCP. This allows student athletes to get a head start on diagnosis and rehabilitation of their injury. If needed, X-ray imaging is available that evening and physical therapy services are available the following Saturday morning.

The Friday Night Injury Clinic is located at the Duke Sports Medicine Clinic at the Finch Yeager Building on Duke’s campus (280 Frank Bassett Road, Durham, NC 27710) and will run each Friday evening until November 15, 2013. Hours of operation are from 9:00 p.m. until 11:30 p.m..

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