ORNL Institutes

Climate Change Science Institute: Formed in 2009 to integrate climate science activities across ORNL; co-locates approximately 130 scientists in the areas of (i) earth system modeling, (ii) data integration, dissemination, and informatics, (iii) terrestrial ecosystem and carbon cycle science, and (iv) climate impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability science.  CCSI’s priorities are to create the science, experiments, data, and community capacity needed to:

  • Strengthen the predictive capabilities and effectiveness of climate and biogeochemical models.
  • Identify and understand how extreme events and climate tipping points impact the resiliency of human and natural land-energy-water systems.
  • Participate in national and international climate assessments and response option analysis.
  • Develop useful climate adaptation and mitigation tools and information in collaboration with land-energy-water system stakeholders.

Institute for the Functional Imaging of Materials:  Contact Sergei Kalinin

Urban Dynamics Institute:  Contact Bhudhendra Badhuri

Health Data Sciences Institute:  Contact Georgia Tourassi