GO! program

ORNL’s mission to “deliver scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs that will accelerate the development and deployment of solutions in clean energy and global security, and in doing so create economic opportunity for the nation” requires fresh minds with new ideas. ORNL also provides a unique opportunity for graduate students to carry out world leading research addressing critical challenges in key areas of science. Hence, ORNL is extending its energy-campus to top research universities to enable the brightest graduate students to participate in research at ORNL while earning a Ph.D degree at their home institution.

There are various potential funding mechanisms for graduate students brought into ORNL through the GO! Program. The underlying concept for funding is that ORNL can only pay for a student while they are carrying out research in support of ORNL programs – ORNL does not pay for education or for the time a student spends doing coursework. In all cases, students remain employees of their home university and a contract will be set up with university; the university will invoice ORNL for the appropriate cost. The student will have a university faculty member as principal mentor/supervisor; the ORNL host researcher can be considered as the co-mentor. The program only works if there is a clear mutual interest and benefit to both the university faculty mentor and the ORNL researcher/mentor. The details of the appointment (time spent at ORNL, travel etc.) are flexible and should be determined by the most suitable and practical arrangement between ORNL staff and university faculty collaborators.

If you have questions about the GO! program, Christine Erlien (919 681 7847; cme13@duke.edu) is the primary point of contact at Duke, and Ian Anderson (865-576-7777, andersonian@ornl.gov) is the point of contact at ORNL.

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