Open Design+ is part of the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. It is a deeply empathetic practice that leverages the power of experience to create disruptive solutions. It is a methodology of human-centered design that is derived from open source practices, which, like Open Design+, place emphasis on transparency and sharing information. Each summer a group of students interested in solving real-life problems, collaborate and learn to use design thinking tools, and qualitative research methods to address particular problems. 

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How to navigate this blog

This blog is our window to the Duke community and the world. We recognize the hard work of the students during the program and the high value of their final products. The blog will allow us to be open-source to the learning process and outcomes of each team.

The information in this blog is shared directly from our students. Weekly they will post their personal reflections guided by the stage of Design Thinking they are discovering and their unique learning process.

The posts are categorized by phase of the Design Thinking process. In each category, you find a brief explanation of the goal at each stage and the prompt that guides the student’s reflections.

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