By: Caroline Surret

The evaluate phase of the open design process has made me excited to iterate towards a final solution. As a part of the evaluation process, my team will be running a series of workshops with incoming first-year students around purpose-finding. I am eagerly anticipating those sessions, as taking the time to reflect on my goals and pathway before I got to Duke would likely have been a very fulfilling experience–one that would have made me a bit less anxious coming into my first year. 

Besides those workshops, my team has been collecting feedback on our prototype pages via Qualtrics surveys. While it has taken some getting used to throughout the open design process, I am now in a place where I welcome critique with open arms and am very much enjoying reading through feedback and thinking critically about how to address the underlying assumptions of our project. 

Ultimately, the evaluation phase of the open design process feels very impactful because it is a representation of the value of co-creation. As we continue into presenting our work to stakeholders next week, I hope to communicate this moment of co-creation in a way that clearly demonstrates its impact on our solution and our team.