Welcome to The Open Design Sprint for Duke Wellness

Have ideas about building a strong and healthy Duke community? * Want to work in teams to generate creative, entrepreneurial, thoughtful, impactful solutions with potential for real-world implementation at Duke? * Want to win a prize for your work?

In this 3-week experience, teams of students will work on real-world challenges that directly impact health and wellness at Duke. Guided by experts in the Open Design process, participants will understand the needs, hopes, desires of Duke students, create prototypes to meet unmet needs, evaluate, test and iterate on their prototypes, and finally share their co-created solutions in a pitch event to the Duke Community.

How it works:

  • Meet on 3/23, 3/30, and 4/6 (5:15-6:45pm in Schiciano Auditorium)
  • Work to understand the needs and wants of Duke students, create prototypes, and iterate
  • Between sessions, work on weekly challenges with your team
  • Share your solution in a pitch session to the Duke community
Open Design Sprint Poster
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