Black Pastoral Leadership Collaboration

Duke Divinity School and the Office of Black Church Studies have announced the Black Pastoral Leadership Collaboration, led by the Reverend David Emmanuel Goatley, Ph.D., research professor of theology and Black Church Studies and director of the Office of Black Church Studies. This initiative draws on original research from the Black church for the whole church. The key drivers of the initiative are three-fold: research, teaching, and convening.

For more information about this program, contact —

Deborah A. Williams
Project Coordinator,
Black Church Studies
(919) 660-3461

A woman watches the 2018 Gardner C. Taylor lecture.


During the research phase, 12 multidisciplinary scholars will discover, design, and disseminate effective models of leadership about black pastoral strategies, successes, and struggles. Research will focus on the following eras:

Reconstruction Era  |  Civil Rights Era  |  Megachurch Era


Continuing education programs will bring together pastors from across the country to focus on teaching in the following areas:

Contextualization  |  Conscientization  |  Construction


Rev. Gerald Lamount Thomas preaches in Goodson Chapel.
Gardner C. Taylor lecture in Divinity School York room, wide shot of audience.


The collaboration will extend its work by hosting biennial conferences to discover and disseminate applied pastoral theology. Pastoral leaders will present models of ministry, workshop ideas and work toward publishing a book series on practical theology from black church contexts.