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Using Animals at Duke University

Steps to Animal Use

Prior to beginning the animal activity:

  1. Most animal use at Duke or supported by Duke requires an approved IACUC animal use protocol. If you are not sure if an IACUC protocol is required for your proposed use refer to the policy defining when an animal use protocol is required and complete and submit the Form to Define When a Protocol is not Required. If there is any doubt please confirm that a protocol is not required prior to initiating the animal activity. If a protocol is required the activity should not be initiated until the IACUC animal use protocol is approved.
  2. Prepare an animal use application (protocol) 
    1. Protocol Form: The protocol form template can be found on the FORMS page.
    2. Deadlines: Deadlines for protocol submissions can be found on the Meeting Dates and Deadlines
    3. Items that will help facilitate rapid review and approval of your IACUC animal use protocol
      1. Pre-reviews: If you would like to have your protocol pre-reviewed, please send the protocol draft to IACUC@Duke.edu 2-3 weeks prior to the intended submission date.  This is a free service, with the goal to help you get approval for your proposal as soon as possible by submitting a protocol for review that answers all of the important questions the IACUC usually asks.
      2. Ensure protocol and/or animal use clearance items are complete. These may include OESO approval of hazardous agent use, EOHW clearance, IBC clearance, completion of an MOU with collaborating sites, animal transport approval, etc. If you have questions about what clearance items may be associated with your specific protocol please contact the IACUC/OAWA office at IACUC@Duke.edu.
  1. Animal housing and facility access. Duke has a number of facilities holding and using animals. Please contact DLAR for guidance on what is required to house animals and gain access to the facility. For general questions on where to start contact the DLAR main phone number at:   919-684-2797


Helpful Links:

  1. IACUC/OAWA (website or email)
  2. Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR)
  3. Laboratory Safety (OESO)
  4. Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
  5. Employee Occupational Health and Wellness (EOHW)