Welcome to the Duke Animal Care and Use Program

Duke University strongly affirms the essential role that research and education involving live animals has in the advancement of biological and medical knowledge. Further, Duke University acknowledges that animals used in biomedical research and education should receive the best possible care and treatment.

 The Duke Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a Committee of scientist, nonscientist, veterinarians, and community members. It has the responsibility of overseeing and routinely evaluating the Duke Animal Care and Use Program. This is achieved through the evaluation of the care, treatment, housing, and use of animals that are under the Duke Animal Care and Use Program. In addition, the IACUC helps certify compliance with regulatory and oversight standards. Duke’s IACUC Chair is Dr. Anna Hampton.

The Office of Animal Welfare Assurance (OAWA) is the administrative unit that helps the IACUC fulfill its institutional, regulatory, and oversight responsibilities. In addition, OAWA provides customer service to all participants of the Duke Animal Care and Use Program.

The Attending Veterinarian is responsible for the health and well-being of all laboratory animals used at the institution. He is also a voting member of the IACUC and the director of DLAR. Duke’s Attending Veterinarian is Dr. John Norton. 

Duke University’s Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) is a team of highly trained individuals dedicated to the humane care and use of animals in the Duke Animal Care and Use Program. In addition, they serve as a resource center for investigators. To learn more about DLAR please visit their website HERE. 

The Institutional Official is appointed by the President and is the indi­vidual who, as a representative of senior administration, bears ultimate responsibility for the Duke Animal Care and Use Program and is responsible for resource planning and ensuring alignment of Program goals with the institution’s mission. Duke’s Institutional Official is Dr. Mary Klotman.