MP Team Biographies

Matt Headshot 

Matt Doolin

My name is Matt Doolin and I’m seeking my Masters of Environmental Management  Degree focusing on Energy and the Environment.  My main interests lie in developing  diverse energy policy strategies at the state and local levels and working with industries  to adapt to new energy policies.  These interests are what drew me to the Master’s  Project working with the Association of Climate Change Officers.  I strongly believe in  local empowerment and see the importance of standardization across cities within states that can be very geographically, politically, and economically diverse.  Addressing these differences has been a major hurdle to a comprehensive state or federal climate change plan.  A more consistent knowledge base on climate change can help to improve discussions on the topic and can lead to better collaborations between governmental agencies and organizations.  Prior to attending Duke, I worked with a non-profit organization and saw the difficulties of inconsistent knowledge first hand.  It can be a major detriment to substantial change occurring and this project can help to correct this imbalance.

Muxi Yang

My name is Muxi and I am a first year Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP) student focusing on climate change economics and policy. I have a background in environmental biology, economics, and environmental law. My interest lies in climate change mitigation strategies, especially market-based instruments such as emissions trading.  Studying climate change economics, I am comfortable performing cost-benefit analysis and policy analysis from both financial and economic point-of-view. My interests and skills match the Climate Change Governance Trends in State and Local Government project since it provides an ideal opportunity for me to understand and evaluate the trend in climate change officer’s role and responsibility on both the state and local level. The effectiveness of mitigation measurements largely depends on the execution of policies, which relies on the work of climate change officers at the local level. Therefore, I am looking forward to apply my knowledge and skills to this practical issue and contribute to evaluating the trends in public sector climate governance.

Pa Ye

My name is Pa Ye, a 2015 MEM candidate focusing on energy, who also owns a bachelor’s degree of Environmental Economics and Management. I am interested in the project “Climate Change Governance Trends in State and Local Government” for three reasons. First, since governments play an important role in leading industries and people to respond to climate change, policies and regulations need to be evaluated for their potential influence and effectiveness. Second, the project is a good opportunity for MEMs to get involved in the climate change issue, applying our knowledge to address real world challenges, and to cultivate ourselves to be future environmental leaders. Third, I am qualified for this project. Five-year study on environmental economics and management has enabled me to apply scientific methodology (qualitative and quantitative) and computer software (Microsoft, Stata, Nvivo) to help with economic assessment and policy analysis, which benefits the work to evaluate government policies and regulations. Thus, I am eager to participate in this project.

Zhe Wang

My name is Zhe Wang and I am a first year EEP student focusing on Business and Environment. I have background of environmental economics and evaluation, environmental policy, energy and biodiversity. During undergraduate study, the courses I have taken including climate change, energy management as well as the project about motivation factors of corporates CO2 emission abatement I did made me familiar with climate change issues. In addition, the process of data acquisition and analysis I used in the projects led me to the beginning understanding of survey designing. Furthermore, the internship I have experienced offered me great opportunity to transfer my theory into practice. The six-month work at CCICED, which is a department of Ministry of Environmental Protection in China, taught me how to deal with public affairs in the government. I hope to use my enthusiasm, and expertise to support the ACCO program and look forward to cooperate with other team members to fulfill our tasks.