Why should I join?

Your participation in Nourish will help researchers at Duke University learn more about how technology can help adults with high blood pressure enjoy a heart-healthy eating pattern to improve their blood pressure. Joining a research study is optional; you can opt-out at any time.

How do I participate?

To see if this study is right for you, click here to answer a few questions. If you are eligible, we’ll ask you to review your involvement and the potential benefits and risks to the study before you decide if you would like to join. We will ask you about your eating habits, your use of technology and a little more about you.

What about the time commitment?

We want to make Nourish easy for you to join and participate. As long as you have a smartphone and meet the study requirements, you can participate in this online study from anywhere. Participating in the study will require about 10 minutes of your time each day.


There are a total of 6 research visits, which are conducted online via Zoom videoconferencing. These 6 visits take place over one year (12 months) and can be done from the comfort of your home with our team members at a convenient time for you. You will be reimbursed for the time you spend participating in online research visits throughout the year.