April 15th, Friday

Venue: Duke’s Franklin Humanities Institute

Ahamdieh Family Lecture Hall. Smith Warehouse, Bay 4

8:30AM Coffee and Continental Breakfast

9:00AM Julia Borcherding (Yale) “Loving the Body, Loving the Soul: Conway’s Vitalist Critique of Cartesian and Morean Dualism”

Commentator: Elizabeth Goodnick (MSU Denver)

10:30AM Christia Mercer (Columbia) “Conway on Radical Perfectibility” Commentator: Andrew Janiak (Duke)

12:00PM Lunch for participants who registered on the blog

1:30PM Jacqueline Broad (Monash) “Anne Conway and Walter Charleton on Intimate Presence (or How the Soul Moves the Body)”

Commentator: Colin Chamberlain (Temple)

3:00PM Justin Smith (Paris VII) “Conway and Monadology”

Commentator: Alison Simmons (Harvard)

4:30PM Break

4:45PM Sarah Hutton (University of York) “From There to Here and Back Again: Some Reflections on the Fortunes of Early Modern Women Philosophers”

Commentator: Don Garrett (NYU)

Conference Dinner for Invited Participants Only