Parking and Directions

It is not difficult to find the Smith Warehouse in Durham (your GPS will find it automatically)… But perhaps it’s a bit complicated to find a parking space since its parking lot requires a special permit.

If you’re driving, you can park on W Pettigrew Street for free (See map). Sometimes it’s crowded so another option is parking on the Trinity Park area. This is an urban zone and, unless it is specified with a parking sign, there’s free parking on Watts Street and all the streets crossing it (See map.)

One can get to the Smith Warehouse with a bus too. If one is coming from Duke West Campus, one can take the shuttle connecting both campuses, get off at the bus stop on East Campus and walk a couple of blocks (be careful with the railroad!) There’s also a free bus connecting Duke Medical Center with Durham’s eastern part: the Bull City Connector. There’s a bus stop next to the conference venue for each direction (See map.)

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