Ron Venters

Ronald A. Venters

Box 3711
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC  27710
Work Phone: (919)-613-8888  Fax: (919)-684-8885


Butler University, B.S. 1980, Chemistry.
Northwestern University, M.S. 1981, Chemistry.
Northwestern University, Ph.D. 1985, Physical Chemistry.

Professional Experience

Research Chemist, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, 1985-87
Visiting Scientist, Duke University Medical Center, 1987-89
Associate Director of Serology, Roche Biomedical Laboratories, 1987-89
Postdoctoral Associate, Duke University Medical Center, 1989-90
Senior Spectroscopist, Duke University NMR Center, 1990-2008
Associate Director, Duke University NMR Center, 2008-present
Visiting Scientist with Dr. Lewis Kay, University of Toronto, 1998-1999

Professional Societies

American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Protein Society


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Invited Lectures

37th Experimental NMR Conference (1996) Pacific Grove, California.  Protein Assignment and Global Fold Determination of Large2H/13C/15N Labeled Proteins.

38th Experimental NMR Conference (1997) Orlando, Florida.  Global Fold Determination of Perdeuterated Proteins: Conceptual Considerations.

University of Notre Dame Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar Series (1998) Notre Dame, Indiana.  Protein Assignment and Global Fold Determination of Large 2H/13C/15N Labeled Proteins.

University of North Carolina Biochemistry Seminar Series (2000) Chapel Hill, NC.  NMR Studies of “Large” Proteins and Complexes.

University of Toronto Chemistry Seminar Series (2001) Toronto, Ontario.  Calcium Binding Proteins.

University of Georgia Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (2001) Athens, Georgia.  Assignment and Solution Structure Determination of Large Proteins and Complexes by NMR.

115th North Carolina American Chemical Society Sectional Conference (2001) Raleigh, North Carolina.  Calcium Binding Proteins.

20th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems (2002) Toronto, Ontario.  Creative Dynamics in a Calcium Binding Protein.

Biomolecular NMR Workshop (2003) University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Assignments and Structures of Large Proteins and Complexes by NMR.

Southeast Collaboratory on Biological NMR (2006) University of Georgia in Athens. Projection-Reconstruction NMR: Experiments and Reconstruction Algorithms.

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