Dr. Leonard D. Spicer is the founding Director of the NMR Center and has been in this role for over 25 years.  He has a strong background in research administration and maintains an active research program in structural biology and biophysics associated with functional protein assemblies, in-cell NMR, vaccine design and viral neutralization.

Dr. Ronald A. Venters is the Associate Director of the facility and has over 25 years of experience in the structure determination and dynamics of large biological macromolecules and in NMR methods development.  He is a key member of the NMR Center in training investigators in these areas and in assisting them with their projects.  He also brings significant experience in computation and software management.

Dr. Anthony Ribeiro has been the Facilities Manager since the inception of the Center and has over 40 years of experience applying NMR methods to chemistry and biochemistry research problems. He managed the NIH national NMR facility at Stanford University and established the NMR facility at NIEHS before coming to Duke.  Tony has over 120 publications and has extensive expertise in studying lipids, micelles, sugars, steroids, terpins and peptides.

Donald Mika is the facility’s Engineer and Instrument Specialist. He is experienced in the design and repair of high-field NMR spectrometers through previous employment as a development engineer and field analyst for two major spectrometer producers. With Don, we are able to operate the NMR facility essentially in a self-sufficient maintenance and repair mode with only the occasional need to purchase replacement parts.

Dr. Benjamin G. Bobay is the Senior Research Associate of the facility and has over 17 years of experience in the protein structure determination and protein:small ligand interactions. He dedicates half of his time to the Chemistry Department and the maintenance, operation, training, etc. of the FFSC NMR facility. He also brings experience in computational docking, molecular dynamics, and software management.


DSC00908Len Spicer: Director


Phone: 919-684-4327


Ron Venters: Associate Director


phone: 919-613-8888

NMRCENTER020Tony Ribeiro: Manager


phone: 919-613-8887IMG_6932

Don Mika: Engineer/Instrument Specialist


phone: 919-613-8885

Benjamin Bobay: Senior Research Associate


phone: 919-613-8884

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