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Duke Next Generation Leaders Symposium 

May 2, 2022

Trent Semans Center 

9-9:10– Opening Remarks (Dr. Mary Klotman, Dean of Duke School of Medicine)

9:10-10:00– Dr. Frankie Heyward, Harvard

“Hunger state-dependent transcriptional regulation in AgRP neurons”

10:00-10:50– Dr. Aileen Fernandez, Yale

“Employing spatially-conserved gene expression for improved selection of patients for immunotherapies”

10:50-11:10– coffee break

11:10-12:00– Dr. Cassandra Hayne, NIEHS

“Biochemical breakthroughs in human tRNA splicing”

12:00-12:50– Dr. Khoa Tran, University of Pennsylvania

“Spatial Regulation of Chromatin Associated Proteins during Cellular Senescence”

12:50-2:30– lunch break

2:30-3:20– Dr. Krishna Mudumbi, Yale

“Understanding EGFR interactions in live cells using single-molecule microscopy”

3:20-4:10– Dr. Erica Washington, Duke

“Using cryo-electron microscopy to investigate the trehalose biosynthesis pathway in Cryptococcus neoformans”

4:10– concluding remarks