About the Project

Thank you for visiting our project page! The New Sanctuary Project at Duke University is a sociological study that seeks to better understand the New Sanctuary Movement and the role religious congregations play in protecting immigrants in today’s political climate.

New Sanctuary is a movement of over 1,000 faith communities who have pledged to protect and stand with immigrants facing deportation. We are looking to speak to religious leaders of congregations that have been involved in the Movement in some way.

What does “in some way” mean? Whether your congregation 1) is actively providing sanctuary to someone; 2) has declared itself a sanctuary but isn’t housing anyone; 3) has discussed providing sanctuary but decided not to; or 4) was once declared a sanctuary but is no longer involved in the movement, we want to hear from you!

You may have already received a communication from one of our team members asking you to participate in the project, or you may have come across this project on your own – regardless, we hope you will reach out and consider being a part of this study.