Duke ALS Clinic receives $250k to support research into ALS therapies, reversals

The LVH ALS Foundation (http://lvhalsfoundation.org) has donated $250,000 to start a new research endowment within the Duke ALS Clinic. The LVH ALS Research Endowment will allow the Duke ALS Clinic to investigate therapies associated with “ALS Reversals,” cases where symptoms fade and motor function unexpectedly returns. The Endowment will also be used to investigate other potential causes of these reversals, from unknown mimic syndromes, to an individual patient’s genetics, to environmental exposures.

“The LVH ALS Research Endowment is a seed, full of exciting potential,” said Duke ALS Clinic Director Rick Bedlack, MD, PhD. “It has been sown onto the fertile ground of the Duke Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic, one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind. Nurtured by our passion, commitment, and unique focus on alternative therapies and ALS reversals, I believe this will grow, eventually leading us to an amazing Duke ALS Center that helps us climb toward a cure for this disease.”

Established in 2014 by the family of the late Larry Vance Hughes, the LVH ALS Foundation has become one of the largest ALS foundations within North Carolina. Through a partnership with Duke University, the foundation is committed to raising funds and awareness to find a cure for ALS.

The Duke ALS Clinic leads the ALSUntangled program, an international group of researchers, patients, and enthusiasts who are scientifically exploring alternative therapies for ALS. The Duke ALS Clinic also conducts research in epidemiology, genetics, and basic science to better understand ALS, and offers multidisciplinary patient care to people affected by this condition. To read more about the clinic, or learn how you can donate, visit http://www.dukealsclinic.com/.

The Duke ALS Clinic, located on Morreene Road in Durham.

The Duke ALS Clinic, located on Morreene Road in Durham.

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