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Student Resources

Welcome to the Neurodiversity at Duke Student Page

We recognize that neurodiverse (ND) students are an essential part of our campus and part of our responsibility to them is to make sure their voices are heard and that they are welcomed! Duke offers many resources and accommodations to aid and support them.

This section is dedicated to any resources and information students might need about  the accommodations process, testing and learning tips, spaces that are ND friendly, organizations and services, and career opportunities.

Below are some key organizations and services!

Duke Disability Alliance is is a student organization whose mission is to make Duke more inclusive and accessible by fostering conversations about disability issues, expanding accessibility on campus and in the community, encouraging positive perceptions and full appreciations of people with disabilities, and promoting their legal rights.

Disability at Duke includes resources focused on organizing student and faculty efforts for disability justice and pedagogy.

Services for Students:

Academic Resource Center (the ARC)

The ARC offers services to support undergraduate students, in any year, studying in any discipline. A student might visit the ARC to learn how to manage their time, develop stronger academic skills and strategies, understand their unique learning style, get a peer tutor, meet with a learning consultant and join a study group. At the ARC, we work with students to create a comprehensive approach to your learning, so you can reach your highest academic and personal potential and reach your goals.

Career Center

The Duke University Career Center engages graduate and undergraduate students and alumni in discovering and determining what is meaningful and valuable in their lives and applying this to careers. They provide guidance throughout this ongoing process and encourage opportunities for exploring the intersection of our students’ education, values, goals, skills, and experiences in order to identify and realize their aspirations.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS helps Duke Students enhance strengths and develop abilities to successfully live, grow and learn in their personal and academic lives. We offer many services to Duke undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, including brief individual and group counseling, couples counseling and more. CAPS staff also provides outreach to student groups, particularly programs supportive of at-risk populations, on a wide range of issues impacting them in various aspects of campus life.

Duke Reach 

DukeReach provides comprehensive outreach services to identify and support students in managing all aspects of their wellbeing. They provide case management services including coordination, advocacy, referrals, and follow-up services for students who are experiencing significant difficulties related to mental health, physical health, and/or psycho-social adjustment.

Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) 

The goal of SDAO is to provide and coordinate accommodations, support services and programs that enable students with disabilities to have equal access to all Duke University programs and activities.  The staff of the SDAO encourages and assists students in understanding the nature of their disability and it’s impact on their living and learning at Duke University. Students are provided with opportunities to learn about their rights and responsibilities, procedures for requesting accommodations and about the wide range of programs and opportunities available at Duke University.

Student Health 

Student Health is the primary source for a wide range of healthcare services for all Duke Students, many of which are covered by the student health fee. Student Health provides evidence-based, patient-centered health care to the campus community in a professional and compassionate manner that directly contributes to student well-being and overall success.