Making the Invisible Visible: An Artist’s Perspective

Paintings by Alex Chan, Durham, North Carolina, 2017.

Lost in Motion 

Image description: A blue woman with closed eyes and open mouth allows her hair to be blown into her face. She leans into the blowing feeling, as if seeking for something more. The burnt red background indicates motion.



Bleeding Mind

Image description: A yellow, orange brain has deep gashes and cuts in its crevices. Some wounds are still bleeding, while others have scabbed over. The outline of the brain is a dark purple color which seems to be overshadowing the brighter colors of the once luminous brain.



Imperfect Reflection

Image description: A dark, blue ghostly figure stands in a dark room and looks out a window. Its shadow is on the wall to the right, and a bright, pink reflection shines on the left from the window. The window reveals a bright outside world, with colors in sharp contrast to the room.