Service Learning

October 2017 – May 2018

I was selected by the Dean of Undergraduate Advising and Outreach to participate in this program. It is a partnership between Boeing and Duke University, aimed at fostering an interest in STEM education among local middle and high school students. As a Boeing Fellow, I created hands-on lesson plans describing science and engineering topics, and traveled to public schools in Durham, NC, to teach students in classroom settings.

At Neal Middle School in Durham, NC

Nuclear Fusion Lesson Plan

Introduced students to the complicated process of producing energy from nuclear fusion through the use of interactive mini-activities. Distributed Play-Doh while teaching in classrooms to simulate the fusion of protons and neutrons. Then used balloons to mimic the sun and explain the high pressures in the sun’s core which make fusion possible. Finally, used paper to craft a model of a toroidal nuclear fusion reactor and provide a 3D visual representation of the process. Students actively took part and enjoyed using arts and crafts as a means of learning.

Electric Motors Lesson Plan

Designed a lesson plan to help students learn the fundamentals behind the inner workings of an electric motor. Included a simple activity where students can create their own electric motor using everyday household items like batteries, magnets and paper clips.