Neel Bakshi

B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering

Class of 2020

Grand Challenge: Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure

Advisors: Dr. Rebecca Simmons



As an engineering student, I often fail when initially attempting to solve a problem. However, these failures always teach me exactly what ‘not’ to do, and learning from my mistakes has helped me become fearless in tackling any problem.

I want to work on problems at the frontiers of engineering, ones that require solutions that have never been thought of before. I strongly believe that in order to work on issues of global importance, a purely technical education simply won’t be enough, and that is why the GCS Program truly appealed to me. The program has helped me develop a truly rounded skillset. Through interdisciplinary coursework both at Duke and Abroad in Edinburgh, I have learned to think about the world in unique ways. By working in the industry, through internships at GE Aviation and at Brookfield, I have gained a fascinating glance into the world of transportation and renewable energy. 

Both these fields fall under the overall umbrella of infrastructure. This is why I chose the challenge ‘Renew and Improve Urban Infrastructure’ because I am passionate about advancements in transportation technologies as well as sustainable energy production and utilization.