Professor Mark Chaves is the Anne Firor Scott Distinguished Professor of Sociology, and Professor of Religious Studies and Divinity, at Duke University. Among other projects, he directs the National Congregations Study (NCS), a wide-ranging survey of a nationally representative sample of religious congregations conducted in 1998, 2006–07, 2012, and 2018-19. Results from the NCS have helped us to better understand many aspects of congregational life in the United States.

Professor Chaves is the author of American Religion: Contemporary Trends (2nd ed., Princeton University Press, 2017), Congregations in America (Harvard University Press, 2004), Ordaining Women: Culture and Conflict in Religious Organizations (Harvard University Press, 1997), and many articles, mainly on the social organization of religion in the United States. He has chaired the General Social Survey's Board of Overseers, and he has been President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Professor Chaves can be reached at or 919-660-5783. His mailing address is Department of Sociology, Duke University, Box 90088, Durham, NC 27708-0088.

Mark Chaves' Curriculum Vitae





  • More than 5,300 participating congregations representing 80+ Christian denominations, plus Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and other religious groups.
  • Information on demographics, leadership, worship life, community engagement, and much more.
  • Contains data tables, graphs, and detailed analysis.
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