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We are an NC-based student group collaborating with medical and legal professionals to grow public knowledge and correct common myths surrounding pregnancy and abortion care in order to empower all people to make the choices that are right for them.

Top 20 Things That People Learned on this Project

1.    Crisis Pregnancy Centers: we had no idea that these fake abortion clinics outnumber abortion care facilities 3000 to 800, and that they falsely claim to provide medical care and don’t, they  aren’t covered by HIPAA and can give people’s names to law enforcement, and they intentionally try to delay people seeking abortion care so that they run out of time to get care.

2.    Most people who seek abortions already are parents (61%).

3.    How much abortion is stigmatized despite being so common, effective, and safe. One in four women has an abortion in their lifetime.

4.    The abortion bans reduce (sometimes greatly) the number of sites in a state that can provide abortion care access alongside the strict timeframes in which people can receive care.

5.    How tight the timeframe is between realizing you’re pregnant and the new bans’ limit.

6.    Abortion is expensive without insurance.

7.    Exemptions: I didn’t realize exemptions do not actually work. There will always be people who need this as healthcare who can’t get it. “Exemptions” sound more reasonable than they are.

8.    Abortion bans affect the quality of healthcare well beyond abortion care; they limit doctors’ options on a wider spectrum of healthcare;

9.    Women’s health and OBGYN care has its origins in enslavement and the exploitation of Black women.

10.I didn’t know the difference between medication (2 pills) and surgical (gentle suction) abortion care.

11.Insurance for abortion care is not the same in every state.

12.There is no ‘fully private” menstrual-tracking app. Law enforcement can buy and track your period through menstrual-tracking apps and use it against the app owner. If you have to use an app, use Euki.

13.Planned Parenthood offers abortion care and can also provide housing and transportation for people seeking care.

14.Public tax money is going to Crisis Pregnancy Centers in some states, despite the fact that they are not medical facilities, offer false claims of providing medical services, and exist to mislead women.

15.“Heartbeat at 6 weeks is propaganda –

a.    At six weeks, the embryo does not have an actual heartbeat but merely is a register of electrical impulse that an ultrasound turns into a “thump thump.” That electrical impulse can be recreated in petri dish by any heart cell.

b.    Most images of the fetus shown in anti-abortion literature and signs are inaccurate (they are either not human fetuses, or are much more developed than what the sign says); much of what is showcased is propaganda.

16.Medical consensus that a fetus doesn’t feel pain before 27 weeks.

17.I learned how doctors detect pregnancy – didn’t know how gestational age works.

18.I learned there are often no support systems for doctors at hospitals.

19.I learned that 1/5 of a pregnant person’s blood supply runs through their uterus every minute during the last trimester of pregnancy. This makes pregnancy and post-birth hemorrhaging so life-threatening.

20.I didn’t know just how much safer abortion is than pregnancy (6 deaths per 100,000  vs. 330 deaths per 100,000).

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