Year 1: Jobs—Videos

Ian Trent

We don't get into it for the money. You're in it to make a difference... to be able to make a little bit more would be amazing. I'd probably have one extra job, but I know I wouldn't be working five... I need to cut out some jobs, but it's hard to, because I know I also need to make a living and pay bills.

Dale Crouse

Textiles gave a huge help to my grandfather, some of my uncles, to my father and my mother. They created jobs and careers.
Today, it’s a whole new world. I never finished college...If you can’t check the box on your college education, you are out there and you are alone.

Stefan Gilliam

Starting off in prison, last thing I thought I was going to be doing [when I got out] was the same thing I was doing in there. I have no money left by the end of the month. The kids constantly need something. Before I got this, I thought, ‘If was making $10 an hour, I’ll be alright, but it’s not even that simple. It is so hard.

Joshua Mauney

In the construction realm, our biggest challenge is finding skilled workers in particular trades: plumbers, electricians, mechanics, specialty carpenters.
I’ve been in the business since I was very young, and I think the challenge is education.

Todd Ford

If you are allowed to grow, to create some economies of scale, you have a much better chance of employing more people. One of the most difficult things is to find qualified trades, whether electricians or welders.