One of the two schools in this joint North Carolina Central University and Duke University program is a noted HBCU whose alumni have been highly influential in Durham and beyond.  The other is a private research institution with national and international reach.  We are only four miles apart from each other.  The premise of this program is that we have more to offer each other. 

The program is organized around the common interests and complementary contributions of the two institutions to African, African American and Diaspora Studies.  Its primary goal is to foster interaction between students from the two campuses, through its capstone undergraduate research course on race in Durham, jointly taught by an instructor from each; through the scholarships for NCCU students to participate in the summer study abroad program Duke in Ghana; and through other initiatives described in the pages of this website.

Secondarily, the program aims to bring faculty and administrators from the two institutions together, in co-teaching, collaborative ventures, and social interaction, through the annual lecture series featuring paired talks, one at each institution by a faculty member from the other; through the listservs informing those at each institution of upcoming events at the other; and through additional initiatives describe in the pages of this website.