Monthly Archives: August 2020

Blueberries are for the Birds

Being a permaculture enthusiast means playing the long game sometimes. It’s  kind of like having an investment that eventually pays dividends.

I bought our house in 2007 knowing that I would be putting down roots in the City of Durham. What sold me on the property was our backyard—a fenced-in double lot, unusual for a house in the city. I remember kneeling down and scooping up some of the soil with my hands. The soil was black and earthy, unusual for our area where red clay is the norm. An old-timer from our neighborhood later told me that many years ago our backyard had been a sweet potato field.

A sign that things are now paying off is that after 12 years of trying, there were finally enough blueberries this year for our family and the birds.  I had considered putting nets on our bushes to keep the birds away, but I didn’t relish the thought of picking birds out of nets. Plus it would just look kind of ugly.

I also thought about a cat we once had who used to kill birds. I did not want to be responsible for any more death and destruction.   Eat freely, little birds, and sorry about all that carnage.

How wonderful that we can join the birds for this year’s bountiful harvest.