Measure Locally, Respond Globally

Asheville, North Carolina — “Climate City”

Measure Locally, Respond Globally“Measure Locally, Respond Globally,” was a two-day conference for journalists covering the environment, science, data analytics, business, farming, lifestyle and weather in August 2016. The group met in Asheville, North Carolina for a look at the next chapter of the climate change story.

In Asheville, the discussion isn’t stuck on whether climate change is happening; it’s about how to plan, adapt, and develop new businesses from the disruption.

The conference featured small-group tours and intimate conversations with climate scientists and climate entrepreneurs. It demonstrated how long-term climate data continues to be assembled and analyzed, and engaged in forward-looking discussions about how the “Big Data” on climate may be used to inform reporters and their readers or viewers.

Asheville, which now calls itself “Climate City,” is at the center of all of these activities — the historical trends, the cutting-edge measurements, and the plans for the future.