About the colloquium


The Duke Narrative Medicine Colloquium is a year-long exploration of the Duke activities and programs that give faculty, caregivers, students, and others the opportunity to reflect on their lives through stories.

The colloquium is also a focused effort to look for new ways to build narrative into the research, medical education, clinical care, and employee health at Duke University and Health System.

It’s especially a chance to ask how narrative can strengthen the resiliency of us all.


This colloquium is open to all Duke faculty members, medical trainees and students, nursing students, undergraduates, staff, and others who are interested in narrative medicine.


The colloquium will begin with 2 meetings to inventory and review current activities, followed by 3 structured meetings to outline and discuss new opportunities. In addition, we will schedule 3-5 interactive sessions to showcase readings, storytelling, and other narrative performances.

Our tentative schedule:

  • Inventory meetings: November 2017, January 2018
  • Structured discussion and presentation meetings: March, May, August, September
  • Interactive sessions: April, July, November


The colloquium receives support from the School of Medicine Interdisciplinary Colloquia Program.

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Anton Zuiker is colloquium coordinator. Contact Anton at 919-613-4310 or anton.zuike@duke.edu.