Inventory meeting #2

Our meeting of the Duke Narrative Medicine Colloquium on February 23 was the second of two introductions to who we are, what we are interested in, and what is already happening across campus.

At the meeting: two physicians, a nursing student, and the chief of staff of Provost’s Office.

We talked about these ideas and current projects:

  • Searching out, and welcoming, a diversity of voices, and shining light on the stories of people who get overlooked.
  • Linking faculty and students on campus, i.e. in non-medicine departments, with colleagues and peers in medicine, nursing, and other health fields in Duke Health.
  • Facilitating narrative interaction between nurses and doctors, and among interdisciplinary health care teams.
  • Facilitating narrative activities (writing, storytelling) for the patients and providers in palliative care, hospice, and end of life.
  • Creating a print publication to feature the narrative writings of Duke people.
  • Increased opportunity for small groups of students, caregivers, and others to use stories in a private, protected gathering as a way to debrief, decompress, make meaning, and understand.

Add your ideas and activities

Please take a minute to fill out our past and current projects form. We’ll use this, and what we learn at the inventory meetings, to create a list of activities and potential proposals, events, and initiatives.

What’s next

We’ll post a preliminary inventory of past, current, and planned narrative medicine activities, resources, and experts at Duke.

We’ll plan a session to hear short presentations about a variety of existing narrative medicine activities at Duke. (Fill out the projects form linked above to alert us if you’d like to be a presenter.)

Notes from the Voices of Medicine show

The Voices of Medicine storytelling show February 28 was a success. Bravo! to our six storytellers:

  • Govind Krishnan
  • TuanDat Nguyen
  • Elena Roberts
  • Joel Burt-Miller
  • Luke Gatta
  • David Zaas

If you attended the show, please take a moment to give us feedback using this simple online form. Your ideas will help us make the next Voices show even better.

We’ll post videos of the stories in a couple of weeks.