Lumens Downshooting Cameras (And More)


I was surprised that I had never heard of Lumens before as they seem to have a big presence in document camera technology and mentioned that their hardware is present in a lot of other AV equipment from other companies. They have a new line of PTZ cameras available in addition to their document cameras. Their products also have a 5 year advanced replacement warranty.

What really caught my eye was their Ladibug stylish USB document cameras with close focus capabilities. We had been looking for just such a device to use with WebEx for an online hardware engineering course lab where students could connect to virtual office hours. The smaller DC125 is USB powered and has a built in microphone and light. The larger unit (DC192) has an extra light as well as a switcher with HDMI in and out to allow you to control multiple AV devices. That unit requires external power however.


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