Livestream’s Huge Presence

Livestream‘s huge presence at the show certainly made the statement that they are in the hardware business and continue to grow, at least in terms of NAB floor space. They seem to be focusing more on selling hardware similar to the Tricaster or Anycast, giving away their streaming service if you purchase their hardware – at least for the first year. The design of the new $6000 Studio Surface is beautiful as is their software.  It can be paired with the new Studio Surface Track Module for an additional $6000.  Oh, and just announced, you can stream to Livestream’s cloud service directly from Google Glass.


Streambox – New At NAB

StreamBox announced a lot of great new products as well as support for 4k live streaming. They demonstrated their software codec by taking a Thunderbolt video feed out of the Blackmagic camera into a Macbook Pro. From there it can be streamed via wireless, wired or cellular modems to a receiving decoder or directly to the web. It is interesting to note that since Streambox is a point to point solution, they have decided to enhance their own codec for 4k called ACT-L4. We discussed why not use H.265, but since theirs is a closed solution, it makes sense for them to create their own codec to give them maximum control. There is a hardware encoder as well if that is required.

Since Samsung camera shown in the above video is actually an android tablet with a lens on it,  it can run Streambox’s app and then broadcast that directly to the Internet or back to a decoder to record or broadcast high quality video. Streambox does have their own web streaming portal as well. The basic fee is $99/month which includes unlimited upload and up to 100GB of viewing per month.

Streambox was also demonstrating the cool Rotolight iPhone lens/light handle rig made for streaming or recording with the iPhone which retails for about $500.