The Unofficial Pre-NAB Mixer


Unfortunately the annual Sunday night Education Technology showcase from SONY was cancelled this year, so I decided to pull together some diverse folks for some pre-NAB strategy and chit chat. Duke’s School of Nursing was present as was folks from Dartmouth and former colleague/classmates of mine that are professionals in pro audio and audio broadcasting. We also met with a former associate of mine that has a new company with some interesting video fingerprinting technology that I’ll report on later this week. It’s primary focus is intellectual property and rights management, but we discussed some interesting applications of the technology around video restoration and searching.

It was interesting to note that Dartmouth is working toward more MOOC production leveraging their media unit that has been primarily used for marketing and communications videos for the University – similar to our Duke Media Services. We have several similar projects around media services so this was a great opening collaboration. Dartmouth was also bit by the same video fingerprinting issue that our own DMS was met with which impacted their live production as well. Something we should together follow up with YouTube…

We also got to meet an incredibly talented and interesting media producer/director from… Durham, North Carolina!

Although folks from Lehman College came a bit later, we still had some interesting discussions around live streaming (uStream, YouTube, Wowza, etc) and remote production hardware using cellular networks and the challenges of converting SD to HD productoin in an education environment.

Great networking event and hopefully will grow and become an annual tradition at NAB!

NAB 2014 – Call For Stuff


The National Association Of Broadcasters Convention will soon be upon us – April 7-10, 2014. I’ll be making my a annual pilgrimage to the mecca of tech-a again, producing daily show reports and a comprehensive guide to use as reference throughout the year. I invite you to email me for any specific vendors or equipment you might be interested in learning more about (and why) or topics in general. This year I’ll be on the hunt for:

  • 4k acquisition, storage and display
  • Duke MediaNET related technologies (high speed shared storage, media asset management, archival)
  • 3D video acquisition and display
  • Large format display – projection, LED panels
  • Digital signage and interactive media
  • New players on the lecture capture and streaming landscape
  • Classroom video, audio and interactive technologies
  • DSLR and small form factor high resolution video capture
  • Portable audio capture

Others? Post below in comments.