Leyard 4k LED Video Wall

Leyard went even bigger this year with their draw dropping video wall technology. Their 4k zero bezel panels have a 3840 Hz refresh rate and and a super bright 1200 nits. They were showing three different dot pitches for comparison. The dot pitch is basically the density of the LEDs on the panel. For long viewing distances, you can go with a larger dot pitch at a lower cost. The prices range from $9000 to $17,000 per square meter depending on the dot pitch. They also have panels made for outdoor use and are of course working on a 8k resolution panel that will lower the dot pitch from 1.2 to .8.

Unilumen LED Video Wall

Unilumen‘s LED lights were used in the Sochi olympics. They have a number of interesting solutions including a glasses free 3D LED display that unfortunately was not being shown at the show. They also have interesting energy saving solutions such as LED outdoor street lights.

Silicon Core LED Wall


Silicon Core continues to have the best looking LED video walls at the show. I was able to have a great conversation with the CEO of the company and he discussed their approach to reducing the voltage required for the LED which then reduces the heat which allows them to more densely pack the LEDs to get their incredible resolution. Even standing next to the screen it was difficult to see the individual LEDs.

Extron 4k Video Wall


Extron are beginning to introduce products to support 4k video. Their Video Wall processing system can display a full resolution 4k image using (4) synchronized HDMI streams. For example, you can use two JMP9600 HD video players to play each quadrant of a 4k image which can then be transported over an IP network using the new VN-Matrix 250. You can then mix a reassembled full resolution 4k image with other content across multiple HD screens.