The New DJI Phantom II+

I was sent on a mission by the Duke Co-lab – find out about the newly announced DJI Phantom II+ Camera Drone System. Compared with a few years ago when there were many, many drone manufacturers, DJI seems to have emerged a leader. You can purchase this system complete with a camera or get a drone and add your own camera. While using a GoPro with one of their drones might have some more flexibility in recording formats, it seems like the all in one solution might be best for research and finding out how these devices might be used around Duke. The system is well integrated and connects with your smartphone for real time video streaming. Control is pretty easy as the device uses GPS to self level and will return home if it gets out of range of the controller.

This has initiated many interesting questions for Duke – since our air space has both RDU and the Hospital’s LifeFlight helicopter, determining how to set policies to fly these safely will be an ongoing conversation.