Wegner Digital Signage Metrics

Wegener Digital Signage had a great booth display that captured me immediately as I was walking by. Using an integrated camera, their software not only captured that I was looking at the image, but made determinations on my reaction/emotion on viewing the content, my age (which I loved when it told me I was 28) and then reported that back to their database (shown below). Since all this information is time based, that can then be matched to the content being displayed. This was a demonstration. Normally the viewer would not see themselves or the data that was being captured.

While this is designed for advertising, I can imagine that this type of technology would have applications in research and other data gathering applications at Duke.

IMG_6817 IMG_6818

SONY Vision Presenter Software

SONY Vision Presenter software allows you to easily author interactive multimedia presentations using a touch screen or through remotely controlling the content via a network connected tablet as you see below.  The software lists at $10,000 and needs to run on a specially outfitted Windows PC capable of handling up to 5 HD video streams.

The screen in the video above is being controlled by a Coolux remote sensor – there is no touch surface or interface on the monitor itself – nothing to wear out.