Vaddio Offers New Small Room Conferencing Technology

Following up on their successful AV Bridge and other USB technologies, Vaddio announced a number of new products at the show specifically designed for smaller conference rooms that use software based conferencing technologies such as WebEx, Skype or Cisco Jabber Video for Telepresence.


The Vaddio VOIP ConferencePOD™ offers USB or Bluetooth connectivity with built in echo cancellation turning your computer or cell phone into a conference phone. It features 4 mic elements for a 360° coverage, touch interface and is daisy chainable.

AV Bridge Conference

The AV Bridge™ Conference enables IP or USB streaming like the original AV Bridge™ but adds 2-way analog audio to send the near-end audio to the far-end and return the far-end audio to the room’s mixer with audio echo cancellation.

AV Bridge Matrix Pro

The AV Bridge™ Matrix Pro is the new big brother of the AV Bridge™ line. Combining  the functionality of the AV Bridge this unit features a four input  HD video switcher, three (3) Quick-Connect™ Interfaces for Vaddio cameras with EZCamera™ Cat-5 connectivity, an 8 x 4 cross-point audio matrix with integrated audio echo cancelation, four (4) EasyMic™ Ports for Vaddio ceiling or table mics with built-in echo cancellation and a web server for configuration programming, control and remote management.

The video below shows the new GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION all in one solutions for small conference rooms.