Epson Projection

Epson was showing some cool edge blending and vertical projection technologies but I spent most of the time with their Bright Link Pro interactive projector system. The Epson BrightLink Pro projector works more like an appliance since it does not require a computer. The projector itself is running a version of Windows CE. No special screen is required to use it like an electronic white board. You can add pages and then print them out or or email JPG images of the screen. Unfortunately there is no screen recording functionality. It also can connect wirelessly to an iOS device to use that output for display and annotation.  A simple to use wall mountable control/USB interface is included and can be mounted in the optional chief board frame.. The projector’s list price is about $2500 not including screen.

Darim iStudio Aimed At Higher Ed


Darim iStudio is a complete self-contained production studio, similar to NewTek’s TriCaster but designed to be used by a presenter, not a video professional. There are portable and rackmount versions and offer virtual sets, Skype integration, virtual camera presets, a purported simple to use real time chroma key and recording.

In this photo, they are using the Microstation portable green screen solution I reported on last year.

SONY Vision Presenter Software

SONY Vision Presenter software allows you to easily author interactive multimedia presentations using a touch screen or through remotely controlling the content via a network connected tablet as you see below.  The software lists at $10,000 and needs to run on a specially outfitted Windows PC capable of handling up to 5 HD video streams.

The screen in the video above is being controlled by a Coolux remote sensor – there is no touch surface or interface on the monitor itself – nothing to wear out.




Vaddio Offers New Small Room Conferencing Technology

Following up on their successful AV Bridge and other USB technologies, Vaddio announced a number of new products at the show specifically designed for smaller conference rooms that use software based conferencing technologies such as WebEx, Skype or Cisco Jabber Video for Telepresence.


The Vaddio VOIP ConferencePOD™ offers USB or Bluetooth connectivity with built in echo cancellation turning your computer or cell phone into a conference phone. It features 4 mic elements for a 360° coverage, touch interface and is daisy chainable.

AV Bridge Conference

The AV Bridge™ Conference enables IP or USB streaming like the original AV Bridge™ but adds 2-way analog audio to send the near-end audio to the far-end and return the far-end audio to the room’s mixer with audio echo cancellation.

AV Bridge Matrix Pro

The AV Bridge™ Matrix Pro is the new big brother of the AV Bridge™ line. Combining  the functionality of the AV Bridge this unit features a four input  HD video switcher, three (3) Quick-Connect™ Interfaces for Vaddio cameras with EZCamera™ Cat-5 connectivity, an 8 x 4 cross-point audio matrix with integrated audio echo cancelation, four (4) EasyMic™ Ports for Vaddio ceiling or table mics with built-in echo cancellation and a web server for configuration programming, control and remote management.

The video below shows the new GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION all in one solutions for small conference rooms.