Replay’s New Small HD Cameras


The new $199 Replay 1080 Mini is the one of the smallest and lightest full HD cameras on the market. It can capture up to 60FPS (720p) and has a 120° wide angle field of view with a new  internal mic with automatic gain control. It’s also waterproof to 3 meters / 10 feet with no additional housing required.


The Prime X replaces the previous model and features a new 16-megapixel, 1/2″ sensor with longer battery life and 1080p recording up to 60 fps. It can also record at 720p up to 120 fps. A new 7-element T2.8 mini prime lens provides high-quality performance with optical distortion correction and anti-reflective coating. The field of view can be quickly adjusted from 145° to 110° with a simple push of a button.

The New Replay Prime X  about an hour and a half longer than it’s predecessor and like above,  is waterproof down to 10 feet with no additional case. If you add a case you can take it down to 200 feet. There is also built-in WiFi functionality  which allows you to control the camera and preview footage on your tablet or smartphone.

Ingenious iPad TelePrompter System

Right out of the “HEY YOU STOLE MY IDEA!” category, the Prompt-It iPad TelePrompter holder was as brilliant as it was simple. Definitely one of my favorite finds. Consisting of a molded plastic tripod mountable cradle for the iPad, a piece of glass and a black hood, the unit works very well and sets up in seconds. They took the approach to use the prompter in portrait rather than landscape mode to put more text on the screen.  This Australian entrepreneur is currently looking for distribution in the US but is available on their website for around $300.

Since my design using a cardboard box, some wooden skewers and a picture frame was not patented, I have no legal action against them and only wish the the BEST of luck.

Soloshot2 Robotic Pan/Tilt/Zoom

The small business entrepreneur section didn’t disappoint this year either. At $399, the Soloshot Two is a robotic pan/tilt head that follows a transmitter worn on the subject. It will also do zooming with an interface assuming the camcorder supports it.  You can have multiple cameras all tracking a single subject or multiple subjects automatically being tracked based on proximity. The unit uses GPS so it currently only works outdoors. They are working on an indoor version and will let us know when that is available.

SONY 4k Camera – Under $2000


The new SONY FDR-AX100/B breaks the $2000 price barrier with an amazing camera with a Zeiss lens, 12x optical zoom and an incredible 1″ image sensor. The camera can record in XAVC-S, AVCHD and MP4 with speeds up to 120 fps recording. It will also connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi®/NFC. We’re very much looking forward to bringing this camera in house.

Sony 4k DSLR with incredible low light capability

Sony just announced the SONY Alpha 7s digital SLR. Since it’s acquisition of Konica/Minolta, SONY’s DSLRs have been getting better and better industry recognition. They called this one a game changer and if it performs as spec’d, I have to agree. The imager is rated for video from ISO 100 to ISO 409,600. I thought they were joking. This thing will be able to focus in near darkness – at full 4k resolution. I’m’ thinking this should be useful for research photography.


It has a full frame 35mm sensor and will shoot to XAVC S format. It uses the standard 3 mount lenses. Availability and pricing has not been set but it may very well be soon and more affordable than you think.

SONY Action Cam meets Dick Tracy


There’s a new version of the Action cam, one that is splash and dust resistant however A watertight housing is still required to make it waterproof. What was really cool was the “Dick Tracy” type wrist controller that allowed you to preview up to 5 different Anycams wirelessly. At $299 not including accessories, the Anycam is a good competitor to the Go Pro.


Infrared Low Light Adapter

For shooting in ultra low light, The AstroScope Night Vision system works extremely well using just ambient light. Available for video or still cameras, I thought this might be useful for observing subjects in research in near darkness.

AJA Enters The Camera Market

There was plenty of excitement at the AJA booth this NAB. While the announcement of the $2000 I-O 4k Thunderbolt interface with support of both SDI and HDMI and 4k frame rates up to 60p was big news, the announcement of the Cion camera – AJA’s first entry into the camera market captured the headlines. . The camera is designed more like a news gathering camera and weighs only 6 pounds. It has a true 4K CMOS sensor, a PL mount for standard lenses, and most importantly the video looks great. The camera is based on a ProRes workflow, and can handle resolutions up to 60p and 120fps using four 3G-SDI outputs. While more expensive than several cameras from BlackMagic, it has many features as more expensive cameras such as the Alexa or SONY F55 at a fraction of the cost – just under $9000. The camera will be released this summer.



Pivothead Wearable Imaging

If a GoPro strapped to your head is too big, check out Pivothead‘s line of HD Cameras that are contained in glasses or goggles. The glasses have different clip ons that can allow you to stream live over Wifi, cellular or record – even a spare battery can be clicked into the glasses on these interchangeable glasses. The glasses start at $199.