The H2 Pro 7.1 Surround Microphone


At almost $5,000, the H2 Pro 7.1 Surround Microphone is not for the casual audio recordist. However, if you need to capture surround sound for either entertainment or research work, the H2 Pro is the only patented microphone system to capture natural and discreet multi-channel surround sound. There is no mixing, signal manipulation or processing required and is designed for use outdoors.


Klover Parabolic Microphones


The Klover MiK parabolic microphones come in three sizes, 26″, 16″ and 9″. The $450 list price 9″ really caught my eye since it is small enough to mount on a handheld camera and could be used to capture sounds during research work.  In the bottom corner of the above picture, you can see a mic mounted in a cage. This was designed for use in a baseball stadium to protect it from errant balls, but I was thinking that this could be a good installation for the Duke Lemur Center to capture sounds within their habitat.


While there may not be many applications for the above klear-shot – a device that uses compressed air to blow water off the lens housing for rainy or wet locations, I thought this showed the ingenuity that I love discovering at the smaller booths at NAB. Plus, they were using 80/20!