Vision 3 Imaging Glasses Free Non-Stereo 3D Imaging

Vision 3 Imaging‘s technology creates depth in a 2D image through the use of a unique rotating iris that can mount to many standard video cameras. Rather than using a stereo camera (two lenses) that require special hardware to view (monitor/projector and glasses), they present the different eye information information over time, in a manner that is compatible with standard unaided displays and media. It looked really impressive.

Sisvel Glasses Free 3D Encoding & Viewing

Using a new, multi-content method of encoding for broadcast plus a lenticular screen with up to 28 points of view, the Italian research firm Sisvel Technology demonstrated their glasses free 3D display that is currently under development. It was impressive but as good as the lenticular was, there was still a “stair step” when changing view points.  It was still great to see more research going into delivery and consumption of 3D content.

3DPOV Production Services & Technology


I can never resist the chance to put on a cool 3D headset. The folks at 3DPOV were using the SONY HMZ-T1 to showcase their work. They can act both as a production company to produce an immersive 3D project to your specifications or rent/license out their authoring equipment to allow you to do it yourself. You can also hire outside production companies such as Experience Media Studios to produce your project.


Dolby Glasses Free 3D

After seeing their display at NAB for the last few years, I was quite excited to hear that the technology being co-developed by Dolby and Philips is now in production.  Upon returning from the show, I was contacted by Dimenco and are currently working to have one of their 65″ glasses free displays brought to Duke for demonstration. The quality is clear and crisp and not overbearing. Dimenco can even combine their 65″ displays for a 4k 3D video wall!