Klover Parabolic Microphones


The Klover MiK parabolic microphones come in three sizes, 26″, 16″ and 9″. The $450 list price 9″ really caught my eye since it is small enough to mount on a handheld camera and could be used to capture sounds during research work.  In the bottom corner of the above picture, you can see a mic mounted in a cage. This was designed for use in a baseball stadium to protect it from errant balls, but I was thinking that this could be a good installation for the Duke Lemur Center to capture sounds within their habitat.


While there may not be many applications for the above klear-shot – a device that uses compressed air to blow water off the lens housing for rainy or wet locations, I thought this showed the ingenuity that I love discovering at the smaller booths at NAB. Plus, they were using 80/20!

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